Power BI Resources For Beginners

Congratulations! you have decided to start your journey with Power BI; now what?

We have created this list that contains free resources to support you in your path to become a Power BI guru. 

* Many of the descriptions on this post come directly from the source but are adjusted for SEO purposes. 

Microsoft Learn:  This is the best place to start; Microsoft has a long time and experience creating this training that will help you start with Power BI. 

    • Create and use analytics reports with Power BI
    • Consume data with Power BI

Introducing Microsoft Power BI: Book by SQLBI that that covers the basics of the tool and, at the same time, shows you what the main capabilities of Power BI are.

SQLBI: The guys from SQLBI shared with the community these free resources, which are a must for every Power BI newbie.

    • Introducing DAX Video Course
    • Introduction to Data Modeling for Power BI Video Course

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Power BI 2021 by DNA: DNA’s ultimate Power BI tutorial will bring you from beginner to Power BI pro. This Power BI training will teach you how to work on your Power BI desktop to create your first compelling Power BI dashboard.

Are there any Power BI design resources missing? let us know. contact_powpco@powp.co 

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