Building Power BI Custom Connectors

Building Power BI Custom Connectors is a challenging task: the documentation is not always the best, the resources are not abundant and some are very technical.

This is why we have curated this list that contains resources that will support you to build your Power Query PBI custom connectors.

Deep Dive into the M Language: The Power Query experience is made possible by the M language for data transformation.

This session provides a deep dive into the capabilities of M, and shows you how to unlock data-wrangling capabilities not exposed by the UI.

Microsoft Power BI: Building connectors: Power Query, together with the Mashup Engine, provides a best-in-market experience for:

      • importing
      • reshaping
      • combining data from a wide range of data sources

In this session, Matt Masson will teach you everything you need to know in order to:

    • start leveraging these capabilities and
    • taking data to the next level

Building custom data connectors for Power BI: in this session, by Chris Webb,  you’ll learn how you can build custom data connectors by writing M code using the Power Query SDK in Visual Studio; also how they can be tested and deployed. You will also see examples of how to implement common patterns as:

    • connecting to web services
    • handling different forms of authentication such as OAuth2

PowerBIRESTAPI GitHub: When we talk about Power Query, Miguel Escobar is one of the references that must be mentioned. He has developed a Power BI REST API connector that you can use as a guide for developing your own.

 Clockify Power BI: Clockify is one of the leading time tracking tools in the market, this repository contains the connector. 

* Many of the descriptions on this post come directly from the source, but adjusted for SEO purposes. 

Are there any Power BI design resources missing? let us know. 

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