Power BI Design Resources

One of the core skills of any Power BI professionals should be the desire to sharpen our abilities and increase our knowledge.

We strongly believe that design should be one of the core activities while designing reports that engage the users. In this list, we have gathered the top resources (videos, blogs, guides)  that I have useful while searching for guidelines or inspiration in data visualization and information design.

Behance: Looking for inspiration? Behance has been my place to go for several years; search for items like “Dashboard” or “Analytics.”

Remix Icon and Google Fonts: The places to go to download Icons with a free commercial license. 

diBezine: Youtube channel with great tips on Power BI Design. 

Material Design: Material is a design system created by Google to help teams build high-quality digital experiences; it has a great Data Visualization section.

Refactoring UI: Learn how to design awesome UIs by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer’s point of view.

Blogs on Power BI and dashboard design:

    • Having a Light and Dark version of your Power BI Reports.
    • 10 Rules of Dashboard Design.
    • Do’s and don’ts in different chart types.
    • 10 rules for better dashboard design

Are there any Power BI design resources missing? let us know. contact_powpco@powp.co 

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